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An Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor with Experience and Compassion

Dr. Michael Cohen is an expert ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor serving Long Island, NY. Using new and innovative technologies and procedures, Dr. Cohen focuses on minimizing patient discomfort and recovery time for all aspects of ENT care. He offers a range of treatments from simple ear, nose and throat issues to more complex cases involving the sinuses or head and neck cancer. Dr. Cohen and his team specialize in treating both children and adults in a relaxed and comforting environment.

Using the latest tools and treatments, Dr. Cohen improves patient comfort, clinical precision, and recovery time after procedures.

Innovative Technology

Because the ears, nose, and throat are so sensitive, many patients may be concerned about discomfort during and after surgery. The nose in particular plays such an important role in breathing that the prospect of packing it to aid healing can be unpleasant. However, with the meticulous surgical techniques and cutting edge technologies that Dr. Cohen incorporates into his practice, packing of the nose after nasal or sinus surgery is rarely required. This significantly improves patient comfort during recovery.

Among the tools and techniques used by Dr. Cohen to improve surgical results: 

  • Radiofrequency coagulation: A device which uses radiofrequencies to encourage blood clotting at pinpoint locations.  
  • Coblation®:  A low temperature, plasma technology that allows for precise removal of tissue with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.  Ideal for use in tonsillectomies to reduce pain.  
  • PROPEL®: A dissolvable implant which helps keep the sinuses open and clear after surgery.
  • Latera®:  An innovative dissolvable implant that allows for a minimally invasive technique to support the nose and improve nasal breathing.  Like a  "permanent, and invisible Breathe-Right strip."
  • Absorbable clotting material: A specially treated plant-based powdery material which both soaks up excess blood and helps stimulate blood clotting to stop flow.  Helps avoid the need for packing in nasal and sinus cases.

Dr. Cohen is passionate about what he does and always seeks to ensure the best care possible.  To do so, he keeps up to date with the technology and tools available, continually attends conferences, regularly takes part in continuing education opportunities, and studies proven technology.  He also dedicates his time to teaching Resident Physicians in training at Long Island Jewish Hospital and Winthrop University Hospital.

A Welcoming and Caring Office

As providers of comprehensive ENT care for the entire family, Dr. Cohen and his team strive for a warm, welcoming environment so that patients of all ages feel comfortable in the office. Our practice understands how overwhelming a visit to the doctor's office can be, even without trying to translate complex medical terminology. Consequently, we make sure to break down diagnoses and recommendations so that patients can make an informed decision about their or their child's treatment. 

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Whether you need treatment for breathing difficulties or you need to find out what’s causing your ongoing earaches, Dr. Cohen and our team are here to help you. Contact our ENT office today to schedule your consultation.

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